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Team Tyler Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $200,000.00
Total Raised: $108,012.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 200
Members Recruited: 145

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Team Tyler was formed in honor of Tyler Savitz, who is now 16 and has Autism. Originally created by his brother, Spencer, and now led by a group of his closest friends, Jack, Dylan and Brett, Team Tyler has raised over $1,000,000 in 7 years.
While Tyler is just a sophomore in high school, he will soon reach an age when public services are no longer available. 500,000 children with Autism will similarly become adults in the next 10 years and will lose the school and public support that was available during childhood. Those individuals will need housing, jobs and community support, which is currently incapable of meeting the coming demand for services. Autism Speaks is working to increase awareness, advocate for the rights of these individuals and provide research and support to change the future for all those living with Autism. It is truly a public health crisis and we need your support! Thank you for joining Team Tyler, and we appreciate your support in walking and raising as much money as you can. Every dollar is truly appreciated!

Team Members:
Total Raised$108,012.00  
General Team Donation$140.00  
Captains Jack, Dylan, Brett$8,853.00  
   Emerson Adams$1,405.00  
   Pamela Adatto$0.00  
   Ted Adatto$150.00  
   Massarsky Advisery$0.00  
   Bachman Advisory$0.00  
   Forrest Advisory$0.00  
   Olsen Advisory$0.00  
   Scheck Advisory$0.00  
   Simons Advisory$100.00  
   Strom Advisory$25.00  
   Stanford Autism Walk$0.00  
   Ally Bailey$0.00  
   Callie Baker$245.00  
   Michael Balkin$100.00  
   dodi bashan$0.00  
   Chloe Becker$0.00  
   Missie Bender$100.00  
   Spencer Berlin$0.00  
   James Blanchard$0.00  
   Steven Blinderman$0.00  
   Bari Bloom$120.00  
   Jenna Bloom$0.00  
   Avi Bond$4,484.00  
   leslie bond$0.00  
   Olivia Boraiko$0.00  
   Julia Bosco$0.00  
   Chloe Brass$1,145.00  
   ROBYN BRASS$150.00  
   SASHA BRASS$150.00  
   Tess Britton$0.00  
   Erika Burton$100.00  
   rebecca carlins$0.00  
   Caroline Collins$100.00  
   Elizabeth Collins$100.00  
   Emma Davis$0.00  
   Nora Day$0.00  
   Hannah Dittrich$0.00  
   Julie/Brian Donahue$0.00  
   Kevin Donahue$1,200.00  
   Tracey Driscoll$50.00  
   Zach Edelman$0.00  
   Chloe Fosse$0.00  
   Noah Friedland$0.00  
   Nathan Friedman$0.00  
   Famos G$0.00  
   Stuart Gethner,$0.00  
   AnnaMaria Giannini$0.00  
   charles gonzalez$0.00  
   Noah Gordon$0.00  
   Roxanne Gottlieb$50.00  
   Camille Graham$0.00  
   Ashley Harris$0.00  
   Sammy Harris$650.00  
   abby heifitz$50.00  
   Jane Hoagland$0.00  
   Lindsey Hoffman$0.00  
   Stella Holcomb$0.00  
   Dylan Horvitz$0.00  
   Hannah Jacobs$50.00  
   Marjorie Jacobs$180.00  
   patrick kane$0.00  
   Vicki Kane$0.00  
   zoe kane$0.00  
   Caroline Keehn$0.00  
   Drew Kepes$0.00  
   Sabrina Kingsbury$0.00  
   Carrie Klein$0.00  
   Zoe Klein$0.00  
   danny kogan$259.00  
   Colleen Koulentes$20.00  
   Talia Krause$250.00  
   Julia Kraut$3,501.00  
   Collin Kroll$0.00  
   Erica Kugler$36.00  
   Natalie Laser$1,250.00  
   Christine Leahy$0.00  
   Paul Lee$75.00  
   caroline lesniak$615.00  
   Sophie Lieberman$0.00  
   Hannah Litchman$0.00  
   Katie Lofdahl$295.00  
   Lily Long$0.00  
   Katie Lowenbaum$0.00  
   Jeff mages$650.00  
   Kathy Mallin$25.00  
   Marisa Mandrea$500.00  
   Nancy, James, Brittany and Alexandra Molesworth$150.00  
   Jamie Morris$250.00  
   Sophie Morris$250.00  
   Mackenzie Muller$0.00  
   New Trier ELS$728.00  
   Matthew Noskin$200.00  
   Charlie Oberman$0.00  
   Debbie Oberman$0.00  
   Jessie Pace$100.00  
   David Panter$110.00  
   Pam Pappano$200.00  
   Nick Paustian$100.00  
   Aaron Peltz$0.00  
   Araceli Perez$0.00  
   Jared Peterson$0.00  
   Serena Peterson-Klosa$20.00  
   Annie Ridder$0.00  
   Leonard Rothschild$100.00  
   Renee Rothschildf$100.00  
   Melissa Sands$750.00  
   Amy Savitz$250.00  
   Spencer Savitz$69,811.00  
   Stuart Savitz$2,000.00  
   Tyler Savitz$350.00  
   avery schatz$410.00  
   Grant Schmarak$1,204.00  
   Brooke Schofield$0.00  
   Avery Schuldt$0.00  
   Jack Selati$0.00  
   Jill Selati$0.00  
   Sam Selati$0.00  
   Jim Setapen$50.00  
   Alan Shaw$0.00  
   Jacob Shaw$425.00  
   Nancy Shaw$0.00  
   Yael Shaw$0.00  
   Bryson Shelist$0.00  
   Betsy Sher$75.00  
   Bret Sher$355.00  
   Alexa Silverman$50.00  
   Jami Silverman$50.00  
   jason silverman$50.00  
   Lisa Silverman$50.00  
   Paris Silverman$0.00  
   Kerri Simons$0.00  
   Becca Solot$1,480.00  
   Loren Steinberg$0.00  
   Amanda Stiffler$0.00  
   Josh Jacob Alan Jocelyn Sussman$150.00  
   IOANA TEREC$50.00  
   Naomi Thompson$10.00  
   Brian Turner$100.00  
   Hannah TykUndisclosed  
   Lisa Vetyuhova$0.00  
   Samantha Weiss$761.00  
   Suzanne Weiss$100.00  

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