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Welcome to Team Rachel's Page
Make the Spectrum Easier & More Enjoyable!
Join Our Team

Team Rachel Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Total Raised: $17,308.65

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 60
Members Recruited: 38

It is my DREAM that you know my name as a leader in Behavior Analysis; However, I will be thrilled if I make a few people have an easier, more enjoyable life. Rachel Marie D'Avino, M.S. 12/12/12

Rachel wrote the above for a time capsule, two days before she was taken at the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. It's testament to the heroic way she lived. Because of her myriad contributions to the Autism Community, Director of New England Autism Speaks Russ Kenn said at Rachel's Celebration of Life Festival that Autism Speaks' 127-word mission statement could be summed up in three: Be Like Rachel.
Above all, we, the family, friends, and supporters of Rachel's DREAM, hope for you to be Be Like Rachel: Work hard for your DREAMS, fill that time with play and laughter, be a friend to anyone with a decent heart, and be kind to all. Love is Louder.
Last year we shattered state fundraising records! We couldn't have done it without people like you. We ask you to join Team Rachel, support us with donations, and share our mission on your social networking sites.

You can follow us on:
FACEBOOK at Team Rachel: Autism Walk OR
TWITTER at BeLikeRachel_ OR

Team Members:
Total Raised$17,308.65  
General Team Donation$840.00  
Lia Greenley$401.00  
Anna Cerritelli$20.00  
Hannah D'Avino$1,046.00  
Mary D'Avino$7,227.65  
Megan Davis$0.00  
Adrienne Hofmann$0.00  
John Jasiulevicius$75.00  
Nicole Kenneson$3,384.00  
Ryan Tuohey$2,190.00  
   Aili Alechnowicz$270.00  
   Erik Antos$0.00  
   John Astyk$0.00  
   Jessica Batterson$535.00  
   Katrina Bogaard$220.00  
   Ben Bucchioni$0.00  
   Susan Burdick$0.00  
   Brenda Carmody$80.00  
   sarah d'avino$650.00  
   Chris Donovan$0.00  
   Angel Fear$0.00  
   Chelsie Fear$0.00  
   Junebug Feynman$0.00  
   margo Jasiulevicius$50.00  
   Jessica Jenks$0.00  
   Jon Joel$0.00  
   Jacklyn Johnson$5.00  
   Lauren Kane$0.00  
   Josephine Leary$0.00  
   Kathy Lubitski$120.00  
   John Morales$0.00  
   Dana Nedab$0.00  
   peter paradis$0.00  
   Jocelyn Roby$175.00  
   Silvi Tela$20.00  
   Samantha Tuohey$0.00  
   Steve Tuohey$0.00  
   Theresa Tuohey$0.00  
   Jes Velez$0.00  

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