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Welcome to the Team Page of
Team Tyler
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Welcome to the….. North Shore Walk for Autism! New Trier- Northfield Campus Sunday, May 4 - 9:00 a.m.

Team Tyler was formed in honor of Tyler Savitz, who is now 15 and has Autism. Originally created by his brother, Spencer, and now led by 3 of his closest friends, Jack Elrad, Dylan Hardin and Brett Zaslavsky, Team Tyler has raised over $850,000 in 6 years.
While Tyler is just a freshman in high school, he will soon reach an age when public services are no longer available. 500,000 children with Autism will similarly become adults in the next 10 years and will lose the school and public support that was available during childhood. Those individuals will need housing, jobs and community support, which is currently incapable of meeting the coming demand for services. Autism Speaks is working to increase awareness, advocate for the rights of these individuals and provide research and support to change the future for all those living with Autism. It is truly a public health crisis and we need your support! Thank you for joining Team Tyler, and we appreciate your support in walking and raising as much money as you can. Anything is truly appreciated! Jack, Dylan and Brett

E Street Denim - PRESENTING SPONSOR*****
GEM Realty Capital, Inc.
Waveland Investments
Pine Dental Care
Magnetar Capital
Coco Pazzo
Samson Capital Advisors
The VITI Companies
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Bay Crane
Prestige Distribution, Inc.

Team Members:
Total Raised$36,441.00  
General Team Donation$422.00  
Jack E, Brett Z, Dylan H$9,833.00  
   kelly abt$250.00  
   Cynthia Adams$0.00  
   Emerson Adams$200.00  
   YeSol An (Moretta)$0.00  
   Ian Armstrong$0.00  
   Kevin Baer$0.00  
   Annie Baldwin (Moretta)$0.00  
   Chris Bisceglia$100.00  
   Avi Bond (Chao)$100.00  
   chloe brass$25.00  
   Robyn Brass$25.00  
   Rhona Bresler$100.00  
   Ethan Brunso$0.00  
   Celia Buckman$0.00  
   Jack Cardoza$0.00  
   Bridget Carmody (Moretta)$0.00  
   Lauren Chong$0.00  
   Georgia Cienkus(Moretta)$0.00  
   Abby Cohen$0.00  
   Sophie Coppieters 't Wallant (SM)$0.00  
   Jack Craven$250.00  
   Eve Czmiel$0.00  
   Sophie Dable (Moretta)$0.00  
   Jason Dane$0.00  
   Claire David(moretta)$0.00  
   Griffin DeLoach$0.00  
   Lillia Dimants (moretta)$0.00  
   Kevin Donahue$0.00  
   Steven Dry$0.00  
   Zach Edelman$0.00  
   Max Elrad$0.00  
   Michael Elrad$400.00  
   Sam Elrad$0.00  
   paul farcas$0.00  
   Rachel Fisher$60.00  
   Noah Friedland$200.00  
   Nathan Friedman$0.00  
   Nancy Gassin Molesworth$250.00  
   Aiden Musso GEM$0.00  
   Ali Neault GEM$0.00  
   Alice Hellebusch GEM$0.00  
   Avery Musso GEM$0.00  
   Boone Matiyow GEM$0.00  
   Duke Matiyow GEM$0.00  
   Elliot Neault GEM$0.00  
   Harper Neault GEM$0.00  
   Hayes Hellebusch GEM$220.00  
   Hud Matiyow GEM$0.00  
   Jason Matiyow GEM$0.00  
   Jen Matiyow GEM$0.00  
   Jennifer Edgcomb GEM$0.00  
   Jessica Roberts GEM$100.00  
   Lilly Musso GEM$0.00  
   Lou Hellebusch GEM$0.00  
   Nelly Musso GEM$0.00  
   Scott Musso GEM$0.00  
   Scout Matiyow GEM$0.00  
   Orin Gilchrist$0.00  
   Beth Harris$250.00  
   Daniel Harris$0.00  
   Sammy Harris$205.00  
   Dylan Horvitz$0.00  
   Katie Jackson (Moretta)$0.00  
   Marjorie Jacobs$180.00  
   Tia Jones$0.00  
   vicki kane$0.00  
   Zoe Kane$0.00  
   Bari, Zoe, Jenna, Caroline Katie, Ally, Spencer$790.00  
   Sabrina Kingsbury$0.00  
   Colleen Koulentes$25.00  
   Talia Krause$0.00  
   Mia Krone (Moretta)$0.00  
   Natalie Laser$250.00  
   Rachel Laureano$95.00  
   Hannah Levine-Drizin$0.00  
   A.J. Louis$0.00  
   Molly McGowan (Moretta)$25.00  
   Erin Miller$0.00  
   James Molesworth$2,701.00  
   Stephanie Moretta$25.00  
   Sophie Morris$200.00  
   Mackenzie Muller$0.00  
   Tay Munson (Moretta) Munson$0.00  
   Chris Notari$0.00  
   Marie O'Connor (Moretta)$0.00  
   Nick Paustian$100.00  
   Araceli Perez$0.00  
   Kyle Retondo$0.00  
   Leah Rivkin$0.00  
   Annie Robb(moretta)$0.00  
   James Rowland$0.00  
   Sara Rubin$0.00  
   Davis Ryan$0.00  
   Amy Savitz$0.00  
   Spencer Savitz$18,605.00  
   Stuart Savitz$20.00  
   Tyler Savitz$330.00  
   avery schatz$0.00  
   Jacob Shaw$0.00  
   Kate Shepherd (Moretta)$25.00  
   Sam Shonfeld$0.00  
   Jami Silverman$0.00  
   William Stein$0.00  
   Allyson Sussman$50.00  
   ioana terec$30.00  
   Arch Topouzian$0.00  
   Victoria Vaccaro$0.00  
   Kohl Wimer$0.00  
   Emily Wong$0.00  
   Isaac Yon$0.00  

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