The Age Old Fight: Who Does the Cleaning?

If you live with your partner, I’m sure you’ve had the same argument as every other couple, how to split up the cleaning. Whether one or both of you is working, it’s important to split up the chores as evenly as possible so that neither of you feel like the other is slacking.

My husband and I used to argue about this constantly without ever getting to the real root of the problem. We’d make chore charts and designate who did what, to make it fair, but it still wasn’t working. Eventually we realized it was because we were both doing chores we hated and we never switched chores with each other. My husband hates doing laundry and folding clothes, but I don’t mind it at all. On the other hand, I hate sweeping and mopping, but my husband doesn’t.

Instead of us each doing different chores each week to try to mix it up and keep it fair, we decided to always do the ones we don’t mind, and then take turns doing the ones we don’t like. For example, we both hate doing the dishes, but they have to get done, so we take turns. If he washes them, I’ll dry them and put them away. And if I wash them, he’ll dry them and put them away.

It was such a simple solution, I couldn’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner. However, there was another reason the old system wasn’t working and we didn’t address it until it was too late. The problem was that my husband simply didn’t know how to do some of the things I needed him to do, which became evident later on down the line.

Several weeks after figuring out how to split up the chores, I had to go away on a business trip for ten days, during which my husband had to take care of the house by himself. I expected this to be totally fine, definitely didn’t expect him to call me the first night I was gone in a rage because our dog had pooped all over the living room couch and floor.

I could hardly contain my laughter, but I knew I’d probably be raging even worse if I was there so I tried to talk him through what to do. After getting the walls cleaned up and pretty much all of it off of the couch using fabric cleaner and pet stain spray, I told him he needed to shampoo the couch. He agreed and got off the phone to do just that.

Figuring he has it all under control, I try to go to sleep, only to be awaken at 1 am by my husband confessing he has no idea how to shampoo a couch. I try to explain it to him, but in my half asleep, confused state, I failed miserably. I was however, able to find a really great article online on how to do it and I sent it to him.

In the morning I awoke to a slew of text messages, and long story short, although he was up late, he was able to successfully shampoo the couch by following the article. He told me how easy it was to follow and that from now on he can be in charge of shampooing the couch. I was pretty dumbfounded by the sudden 180 and decided to check out the site for myself. It’s called Mr Cleaning, and it has easily become one of my favorite (non social media) sites.

On top of teaching you how to shampoo your couch, it can teach you how to remove red wine stains, clean a computer, and give you buying tips for several different products. They also offer in depth product reviews, so if you have a specific product in mind, you can learn more about it and how it actually performs before spending your money. I find this incredibly useful and so has everyone I have showed the site to. Now, if I ever get asked if I know how to get a stain out, or clean something, I check Mr. Cleaning first.