The Age Old Fight: Who Does the Cleaning?

If you live with your partner, I’m sure you’ve had the same argument as every other couple, how to split up the cleaning. Whether one or both of you is working, it’s important to split up the chores as evenly as possible so that neither of you feel like the other is slacking.

My husband and I used to argue about this constantly without ever getting to the real root of the problem. We’d make chore charts and designate who did what, to make it fair, but it still wasn’t working. Eventually we realized it was because we were both doing chores we hated and we never switched chores with each other. My husband hates doing laundry and folding clothes, but I don’t mind it at all. On the other hand, I hate sweeping and mopping, but my husband doesn’t.

Instead of us each doing different chores each week to try to mix it up and keep it fair, we decided to always do the ones we don’t mind, and then take turns doing the ones we don’t like. For example, we both hate doing the dishes, but they have to get done, so we take turns. If he washes them, I’ll dry them and put them away. And if I wash them, he’ll dry them and put them away.

It was such a simple solution, I couldn’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner. However, there was another reason the old system wasn’t working and we didn’t address it until it was too late. The problem was that my husband simply didn’t know how to do some of the things I needed him to do, which became evident later on down the line.

Several weeks after figuring out how to split up the chores, I had to go away on a business trip for ten days, during which my husband had to take care of the house by himself. I expected this to be totally fine, definitely didn’t expect him to call me the first night I was gone in a rage because our dog had pooped all over the living room couch and floor.

I could hardly contain my laughter, but I knew I’d probably be raging even worse if I was there so I tried to talk him through what to do. After getting the walls cleaned up and pretty much all of it off of the couch using fabric cleaner and pet stain spray, I told him he needed to shampoo the couch. He agreed and got off the phone to do just that.

Figuring he has it all under control, I try to go to sleep, only to be awaken at 1 am by my husband confessing he has no idea how to shampoo a couch. I try to explain it to him, but in my half asleep, confused state, I failed miserably. I was however, able to find a really great article online on how to do it and I sent it to him.

In the morning I awoke to a slew of text messages, and long story short, although he was up late, he was able to successfully shampoo the couch by following the article. He told me how easy it was to follow and that from now on he can be in charge of shampooing the couch. I was pretty dumbfounded by the sudden 180 and decided to check out the site for myself. It’s called Mr Cleaning, and it has easily become one of my favorite (non social media) sites.

On top of teaching you how to shampoo your couch, it can teach you how to remove red wine stains, clean a computer, and give you buying tips for several different products. They also offer in depth product reviews, so if you have a specific product in mind, you can learn more about it and how it actually performs before spending your money. I find this incredibly useful and so has everyone I have showed the site to. Now, if I ever get asked if I know how to get a stain out, or clean something, I check Mr. Cleaning first.

A Vision and A Passion: Learn How Joel Combined Both

I recently sat down with Daniel Santorini, a contributor for Grooming Adepts. Grooming Adepts is a men’s fashion site, where there are endless articles on everything to do with men’s fashion. You can find articles on regrowing hair, the best watches, the best beard combs, and more. However, you can’t find much about Daniel, which is why I sat down with him, to peek into the mind behind so much of the content.

By day, Santorini is a dermatologist, with a wealth of knowledge on various subjects. Upon being asked, Santorini told me that his favorite thing to write about was hair loss. “I wasn’t even aware you could stop or reverse hair loss for a long time. Turns out, there are tons of ways to do it, even naturally. So, I love writing about that because I feel like I am actually helping men. Hair loss can really take a toll on someone, and I get to help and recommend ways to stop that.” His eagerness to help is, in a way, admirable. He may not be spending his weekends cleaning up the highway, but he has touched many lives. He says the most rewarding part of the job “is getting feedback from people who read my stuff. I love hearing that my work helped them, and to me it makes it all worth it.

Santorini expressed his hopes for Grooming Adepts with two simple words, “world domination” he exclaimed, with a chuckle. “No, but all jokes aside, I just want this website to be a tool that men all over can use. Honestly, even women can use it, like if they are shopping for their man, or if they are facing hair loss problems as well. I want as many people as possible to know about us.”

Santorini hopes to reach people of all ages, all around the world, “if someone on the other side of the earth can read the stuff I write, I think that’s pretty cool. Especially if it can somehow help them.” Helping people seemed to be a recurring theme in our conversations. I could tell he was genuine and really strived to lend a helping hand.

It is rare to find someone like him in today’s busy, money hungry world. But, when you do find someone like him, it is like a cool breeze on the hottest summer day, just so refreshing. He told me he tries to stay positive in all aspects of life, “as a dermatologist, people often come to me feeling very self-conscious and embarrassed about their skin problems. If I mirror that negative energy, it just makes for an unpleasant visit for everyone. Instead, I try to be very patient and kind, and helpful,” once again, he makes an actual effort to help, “I assure them they are not the only ones with this problem, and it can be treated.” Then he noted the parallels between both of his jobs, “saying it aloud, I realize I sort of do that with my writing too, you know. Hair loss is such a common problem, there’s no need to be ashamed of it when you have so many treatment options.”

He struck me as very wise, which was a pleasant surprise considering he is still quite young. And you can tell he really believes what he says, he doesn’t put on an act or fake his smile. Or at least if he does it is extremely convincing. Beaming with a smile, he told me “you can’t get anywhere in life with a negative attitude, but a positive one sure can get you a lot of places.”

As we wrapped up, I asked him what piece of advice he would give to men his age. “Don’t be afraid to take advice, and really this is for men of all ages. Men often have a mindset of a lone wolf, and are too prideful to ask for help, or take advice. But there is nothing wrong with not knowing what to do. I feel like when people offer advice it is coming from a genuine place, they want the best for you. Especially if they have been through whatever you’re going through, they can really do a lot of good and get you on the right track. And if you don’t know anyone who has gone through your situation, it’s ok to look on the internet for help.”

Smirking, I asked “is that a plug for Grooming Adepts?”

“Absolutely, we are a great team of writers.”

It’s true. Grooming Adepts is such a great resource for advice on a wide variety of subjects. Their talented team of writers are constantly adding and updating their site, so it just keeps getting better and better each day.

Top Vacuum Cleaner Products Under $300

Buying a vacuum cleaner would seem to be an easy thing to do, But there are a great many things to take into consideration Buy a vacuum cleaner that is too big and you can spend more that you need to. Buy one too small and you will not get the performance you need. So what do you choose, canister or up- right, bag or bagless, with a lot of attachments or very little. Will one vacuum cleaner be enough? Or will you need more than one?

Choosing between canister and up-right Seems to be more of a matter of choice. And where you plan to store it. You have to decide which will fit. Also if you need to do more than just the floor like upholstery and drapes, make sure the vacuum cleaner you choose is not an up-right without a hose. No way to use one of them on the drapes. In choosing the size, take into consideration a number of factors. First of all, do you have a lot of carpeting? And it is thick pile? Do you have cats and/or dogs? Pet hair can clog up a smaller vacuum cleaner fast. Believe me I know. And is one enough. If you live in an apartment, or a ranch style house, yes, but in a multi- level house, with a finished basement, maybe not. The first floor of the house is a heavy traffic area, and the second floor, with bedrooms where people usually go only twice a day, and the basement that is used only occasionally, are light traffic areas. What is best for you, to have one vacuum cleaner that is big enough for the heave traffic areas, and carry it up and down the stairs to do the other floors, or is it worth the extra expense to by one or two smaller ones and leave one on each floor.

There is quite a difference of opinion about which is best, bag or bagless. Both have pros and cons. With a vacuum, cleaner that uses bags, you have the cost of replacing them, but you just throw out the bag with the dirt in it. No cleaning of a dirt cup. With a bagless, you save the cost of the bags, but you have to empty the cup into the garbage, there is usually some left in the vacuum cleaner itself that needs to be cleaned out and there is always the chance of spilling some right back on the floor you just cleaned. If the vacuum cleaner comes with a cloth bag, you have the problem of cleaning it, which basically puts it in the same category as a bagless,

So with this in mind, it is time to begin your hunt, Theses are just a few of the many options available and they represent the best in their price range.


Panasonic MC-V9634 Canister Vacuum with Covered; Recessed Attachment Storage suggested price $249.99
This is one that comes with attachments. There are four height adjustments and an auto cord rewind

Hoover Model number: S3590 suggested retail $159.99 – $179.99
Easy to handle, lightweight and bagless Cleans everything from carpet to bare floors, from upholstery to drapes Everything is able to swiver 360 degrees and the cord has an automatic re-wind Brush is 14 inches wide

Dirt Devil Breeze Canister w/ Power Nozzle M082550 suggested retail $149.99
This o ne is bagless, lightweight and easy to maneuver. It has a long 20ft power cord that will cover most rooms.

Guacamole Kenmore Canister Vacuum model #2621 suggested retail $199.99
Has a nice, long 24 foot cord, attachments are easy to change, and 4 height adjustment levels.

Hoover Model Portable Canister number: S1361 suggested retail $59.99 – $79.99
This would make a great second vacuum or it would be perfect to send to the college dorm. Has cord rewind

UP Rights Panasonic Platinum MC-V5009 Suggested price $299.99
Platinum is the top of the Panasonic line. It automatically adjusts to the height and pile of the carpet. The dust bag is an extra-think 2 ply.

Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum model #35922 suggested price $299.99
This one has a sensor that detects how much cleaning power you need and automatically adjusts the power to the right level. Has a cloth collection bag and 4 manual height adjustments.

Hoover Self Propelled WindTunne Ultra Upright U6454900 suggested price $279.99 – $299.99
Extremely powerful this one is self-propelled, will pick up everything and tell you when the carpet is clean.

Westinghouse Unplugged Cord-Free Vacuum WET1600B suggested price $199.99
An unusual one, this one runs on a power pack and you get two interchangeable ones so you are never left without power.

Hoover Bagged Tempo Widepath suggested retail $59.99 – $79.99
Another nice economical one, good for small apartments or as a second vacuum

Dirt Devil Jaguar Bagless Upright M085835 suggested price $69.99
Very light weight and very reasonable price and bagless. Makes a good extra vacuum

Remember, before you go out and shop, make a list of what is important to you in your choice of a vacuum cleaner. Check prices at different stores and resist impulse buying. And ask questions Happy hunting.